week 5

Helicopter Tjungarrayi

was born at Ninmi, he is a 'Maparn' (a traditional medicine man). He was taught from a young age to locate water sources and bus foods, many people would travel great distances for his healing power. He and his wife Lucy Yukenbarri are well respected artists

Helicopter paints in a very distinctive linear style as you can see from the images below

This second painting depicts some of Helicopter's father's country. This country is located far to the south west of Balgo, in The Great Sandy Desert. It was in this country that Helicopter lived and travelled as a boy, with his family. The country here is known as Ngarrkal, which takes its name from the tjurrnu, or soakwater, shown in the centre of the painting. The majority of the painting depicts the talis, or sand dunes, which dominate the landscape of the area.

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