week 8


lives in Yuendumu and is part of the Warlpiri clan, her farther and mother were also artists and they founded the "Warlukurangu Artists" in the 80's. Almas work centers around the night sky seven sisters dreaming and milky way dreaming.

I really like the colours used here and when you know that the paintings are depicting the night sky you can understand the colour choice they are very striking works

Abie Loy

was born in 1972 at the Utopia homelands, her ancestral country is Iylenty, also called Mosquito Bore. Abie began painting in 1994 alongside her grandmother Kathleen Petyarre.

Abie paints finely detailed brush hen dreaming which is a story from her grandfather.

i found a series of works by this artists like the bottom painting that i really liked they are not what i wouldd think of as traditionally aboriginal painting but they are very beautiful still uses a style similar to dot painting but maybe with a thick brush to create that effect

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